Our Flight School is a Part 61
Certified Training Facility

Our Part 61 Facility can accommodate the student who has decided to make aviation a profession and can fast-track to the desired level.

 If  you or your company has decided to take advantage of the benefits of a personal aircraft, we can plan at your pace.

Finally, if you just want to get into the sky, we can offer a laid-back pace and train at your comfort level. You may interview and choose your own instructor, then train at your own pace. You will also have more 1-on-1 with your personal instructor, allowing more instruction in specific areas of training when needed. Whether you were born knowing you belong in the sky, or just want to find out, we suggest a Discovery Flight, where you can become acquainted with your instructor and the freedom of flight !   


We offer block-time purchases at 10% discount on
instructor and aircraft rental fees.